About Us


FSK Electronics SA (Pty) Ltd has been supplying security & monitoring companies with cutting-edge wireless communication technology for over a decade. After our establishment in 1994, the FSK Group was acquired by JSE listed company, AMECOR (Amalgamated Electronics Corporation LTD), and has since been offering integrated innovative solutions to South Africa, whilst developing a global footprint with exports to Africa and beyond.


FSK currently has in excess of 200 VHF radio networks operating in South Africa, and are expanding network coverage throughout Africa and international territories. All FSK radio equipment is available for international export and is ETSI approved. We are proud to be associated with SAIDSA and ESDA.

What is FSK?

FSK is an abbreviation for a process known as “Frequency Shift Keying, “ and is the process in which data signals are converted into specific frequencies or tones in order to transmit signals over wire, cable, optical fibre or wireless media, to a destination point. The history of FSK processes dates back to the early 1900s when this technique was discovered and then used to work alongside tele-printers in the transmission of messages by radio (RTTY). The FSK Electronics PTY LTD is proud to be associated with the term “FSK” as it marks our history and illustrates our evolution, growth and innovation through technology.