Rhino 68 - Security Alarm Panel
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Rhino 68 - Security Alarm Panel

Rhino 68 is the ideal security alarm panel for small residential and commercial properties. It is competitively-priced for the features that it offers its users.


  • 8 Zones wireless or 6 Zones wired

  • On-board wireless transceiver for wireless devices

  • Optional VHF or GSM communicator plug-in module

  • On-board battery with intelligent battery charger

  • 500 event log

  • Radio polling technology

  • MiRhino app

Why Rhino 68?

  • Easy and quick installation: Rhino kits contain out-the-box pre-programmed and pre-configured zone inputs. Simply mount detectors. Additional detectors are learned into the system in seconds.

  • Mobile Control: the MiRhino app allows you to have full control over your alarm panel wherever you are.

  • Radio polling technology: the Rhino 68 alarm panel monitors all wireless devices by receiving a periodic test signal from each device. If a test signal is not received within the programmed time frame it will send a “loss of supervision” event to the control room.

  • Immediate feedback on commands: the bi-directional technology in the remote control means that you will receive visual (by means of an LED light) and audible (by means of a tone) feedback indicating whether the signal reached the receiver or not.

  • Over-the-air programming: you can programme remote controls and configure settings into the Rhino 68 alarm panel remotely when using the GSM communicator plug-in module. You can also update software remotely without having to bring your panel into the factory to be upgraded.

  • Greater protection of signals: all our wireless device signals are transmitted on a radio frequency that is not used by others. This means that these signals are more resistant to jamming and interference.

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