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Company overview

FSK Electronics SA (Pty) Ltd (FSK) has been supplying Security and Monitoring Companies throughout Africa with cutting edge wireless communication technology, for over a decade.  After our establishment in 1994, the FSK Group was acquired by JSE listed Company, Amalgamated Electronics Corporation LTD, and has since been offering integrated security and monitoring solutions to South Africa and the broader international community with well received success.

FSK supplies a wide variety of Radio Frequency (RF) and GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communication) based technology, providing secured wireless communication between monitored sites and responding control centres. FSK’s advanced transmission technology consists of reliable communication systems which are used for signal transfer and response. Data signals are transmitted simultaneously via multiple mediums including: GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication); Radio Frequency (RF); and Internet Protocols (IP). The dual transmission of mediums ensure complete signal integrity, giving security/monitoring companies and alarm/network users complete peace of mind.

Historically FSK products were designed specifically for use in the security industry, but innovations into GSM and IP technologies, expanded product ranges beyond our niche market, allowing for many more monitoring applications which include: individual; equipment; and environmental monitoring. 

FSK currently has in excess of 200VHF radio networks operating in South Africa alone, and are in the ongoing-process of expanding network coverage throughout Africa and neighbouring overseas territories. All FSK radio equipment is available for international export and is ETSI approved. In addition to RF technologies, FSK knows no limits in wireless communication, as GSM has opened the door to global wireless interface for all companies wishing to join our networks.

FSK expertise

FSK Electronics SA (Pty) Ltd is made up of a highly motivated team of professionals, possessing over 30 years of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of wireless communication technologies, and monitoring equipment. FSK attributes our product excellence to the exceptional expertise, enthusiasm and motivation of our valued staff who continue to prove our undying devotion to customer satisfaction and support.  It is the mission of FSK, and our Group of professionals, to secure all industries looking to provide untainted monitoring facilities and security response to their valued clients.

What is FSK?

FSK is an abbreviation for a process known as ‘Frequency Shift Keying’. FSK may also be referred to as frequency shift modulation or frequency shift signalling. ‘Frequency Shift Keying’ is the process in which data signals are converted into specific frequencies or tones in order to transmit signals over wire, cable, optical fibre, or wireless media, to a destination point.

The history of FSK processes dates back to the early 1900s, when this technique was discovered and then used to work alongside tele-printers in the transmission of messages by radio (RTTY). Presently FSK, with some modifications, is still effective in the digital world, where it is used in conjunction with computers and certain modems. The FSK Group is proud to be associated with the term ‘FSK’, as it marks our history and illustrates our evolution, growth, and innovation through technology.