Falcon – GSM Alarm Communicator


The Falcon uses the latest GSM technology for increased speed and greater reliability of alarm signals being transmitted to your control room.


  • Dual network SIM functionality
  • Available with chip sims
  • 7 programmable positive or negative trip inputs
  • 2 on-board relay outputs which can be controlled by the MiFalcon mobile app
  • On-board serial port with connection protocols to all the major alarm panels
  • Over-the-air programming on all Rhino and Texecom Premier alarm panels
  • MiFalcon app.

Why Falcon GSM?

  • Mobile App Control: the MiFalcon app allows you to activate relay outputs on your Falcon GSM to remotely arm or disarm any alarm panel
  • Push Notifications: The MiFalcon app can also be activated to send push notifications of alarm events.
  • Super-fast: the lag time between sending and receiving of alarm signals is reduced, allowing for quicker reaction.
  • Quick and hassle-free installation: you can program and configure your Falcon GSM over-the-air (remotely) with our Windows-based software.
  • Network redundancy: dual sims reduce the chances of missing a signal. In the event of one network failure, it diverts to the secondary network to transmit the alarm signal.
  • Reduction in theft and fraud: chip sims reduce the chances of theft and fraud on your account because it is virtually impossible to remove them
  • Ideal location assistance: the Falcon’s seven segment display conveniently displays the GSM signal strength enabling you to select the best location for installation
  • All on board serial protocols for different alarm panels: the Falcon has all major panel protocols on-board. This means one type of Falcon can be stocked and by simply pushing the on-board push button the installer can simply change between the different serial alarm protocols for different panels on-site.