FSK Multi-Router – Global


The FSK Multi-Router is a VHF/GSM- and TCP_IP-based decoder and repeater for use with all FSK VHF and GSM equipment.


  • Multi-network capability
  • High speed 3G connections
  • Auto UTC date and time from cellular networks
  • Multi-technology: decodes all FSK VHF-, GSM- and TCP-IP-based alarm signals
  • Ethernet connection
  • Serial port connection to a monitoring computer
  • Built-in charger and standby battery

Why FSK Global Multi-Router?

  • Get access to all our new and innovative wireless solutions: all new products designed and manufactured by FSK have multi-network functionality which can only be used with global base stations.
  • Product flexibility: offers you the flexibility of using it as a repeater of a base station or as a stand-alone base station.