Griffin – Guard Monitoring & Alert System

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The Griffin is your 2-in-1 guard monitoring and panic alert system solution. It monitors up to two guards per site simultaneously and incorporates a bi-directional wireless transceiver that can receive wireless panic emergencies from a large number of users.


  • Monitor up to 2 guards simultaneously
  • Up to 32 route points
  • Up to 32 guards
  • Up to 8 supervisors
  • Up to 4 colour-coded routes
  • User RFID (proximity) card verification
  • Wireless transceiver panic system using Raptor remotes
  • Alert system supports up to 990 users
  • On-board GSM for event reporting
  • Up to 4 programmable shifts per guard per day
  • Universal Contact ID alarms
  • Web-based reports
  • Back-up battery

Why the Griffin?

  • Total guard monitoring solution: the Griffin allows you to monitor your guards’ patrols and equips your guard with a remote to enable panic alerts.
  • Alert system functionality: this device is perfectly suited for housing complexes with a number of tenants. One Griffin unit supports up 990 users giving you tremendous scale. Our Raptor remote acts as a bi-directional transceiver which means that you will receive visual and audible feedback from your remote indicating whether your commands have been received or not.
  • Identification: the Griffin comes standard with a RF proximity reader (to be used with an RFID card)
  • Web reporting: keep your finger on the pulse at all times. You can view negative event summaries or even detailed reports remotely.