HAWK – VHF Alarm Transmitter


The Hawk is your all-in-one long range VHF alarm communicator.


  • 7 hardwired positive or negative trip inputs
  • Up to 999 zones and 99 partitions reporting using the fast FSK protocol
  • On-board serial port with connection protocols to all the major alarm panels
  • Contact ID tip and ring interface to all leading alarm panels
  • Dedicated AC supply monitoring input
  • Built-in battery-low reporting with programmable delay time
  • 10W transmitter power
  • Tamper-resistant antenna

Why Hawk?

  • Reduction in missed signals: the Hawk makes use of the base station functionality in our advanced FSK Multi-router which uses an FSK repeater to convert VHF signals to GSM signals increasing speed and reliability of signals reaching your control room.
  • Saves your business money: the Hawk can protect larger areas with the 99 partitions and 999 zone capabilities. That means you spend less on hardware and network fees for larger sites.
  • Long range: signals can be transmitted up to 15km line-of-sight with no repeater.
  • Faster reporting of events: the serial alarm interface allows for faster reporting of alarm panel events to the control room.
  • All on board serial protocols for different alarm panels: the Hawk has all major panel protocols on-board. This means one type of Hawk can be stocked and by simply pushing the on-board push button the installer can simply change between the different serial alarm protocols for different panels on-site.