Raptor Alarm Panel Module


The Raptor Alarm Panel Module gets you access to all the incredible features of our Raptor Remote Control even if you aren’t using a Rhino panel product.


  • Bi-directional technology
  • Proprietary frequency
  • Serial port for connection to different alarm panels
  • Compatible with Pima, Paradox and Texecom alarm panels

Why Raptor Alarm Panel Module?

  • Easy installation: simply connect our Raptor Alarm Panel Module to your existing alarm panel via the serial cable and adaptor board supplied and use the easy-to-follow instructions and you’re good to go.
  • Immediate feedback on commands: the Raptor Alarm Panel Module is able to receive signals from the Raptor Remote Control and send acknowledgement back to the remote control to let it know that its command has been received. You will receive both visual (by means of an LED light) and audible (by means of a tone) feedback indicating whether the signal reached the receiver or not.
  • Greater protection of signals: all our wireless device signals are transmitted on a radio frequency that is not used by others. This means that these signals are more resistant to jamming and interference.