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At FSK, we know that feeling safe in your home and protecting your property from theft is of utmost importance. It is this knowing that drives us to constantly innovate to ensure that our clients can provide home owners, business owners and everyone in-between with the latest and most innovative security technology products. We innovate to create more value for our clients and all users of our products.

Our advanced security solutions include alarm communicators and communications networks, alarm panels and peripherals, guard monitoring units and remote controls.

Our Products

27Falcon Global
Falcon Global GSM Alarm Communicator
31GMU PIc[2]
FSK GMU - Multipoint Guard Monitoring Unit
Hawk - VHF Alarm Transmitter

Superior Service

We are committed to providing you the best quality products and customer service. We are passionate about what we do and in turn, passionate about the people we do it for.

Product Range

All our products are jam-packed with features that benefit the users. They are also renowned for their reliability, user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal. All are designed to keep you safe and your property protected.

24/7 Support

We provide around-the-clock technical support to our customers regarding any issues or questions they may have about any of our products.

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We have an office in all the primary metropolitan areas of South Africa


We have a very dedicated team all across South Africa 


Our number of clients that have been kept safe from our solutions is growing daily


We have an extensive product offering that we are constantly working on

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With all that we offer, we have only ONE solution. The FSK Solution!